Gainde Marine Offshore SAS is a Senegalese company, created in 2022, fully compliant with the local content law in force since 2020, relating to the Oil and Gas industry in Senegal

Our goal is to provide a dynamic cocktail developed for the Energy sector, in need of Local content, integrated and tailor-made marine solutions combined to a comprehensive Oil &Gas market knowledge and experience, in the MSGBC region.

We have been working in closed relationship with major players of the private sector together with local Government in order to comply with market requirements using and developing local resources.

That makes Gainde Marine Offshore a most reliable local content partner for structuring projects related to offshore oil & gas, renewables and mining projects



Our current Senior International Network and Consultants accumulates more than 35 years experience in Logistics Projects Management, Marine Offshore and Operations in Africa.

Jules Y. DIOP
Jules Y. DIOPco-founder and President

Our values

Jules Y. Diop, the co-founder and President, is a young Senegalese pan-African and entrepreneur, known to the port and maritime sector of Dakar since 2011, wishing to participate in the development of his country’s energy sector.

Convinced that a need to create synergies with various stakeholders in this new industry in order to optimize the quality of services rendered, he was able to surround himself with experienced partners

Our Mission

Deliver integrated marine solutions to the Energy industry in MSGBC region

Pushing back the boundaries and Meeting a standard of excellence

Our vision 

Growing by making others grow with us or together

Become a leading local provider of integrated marine services to the Energy in Senegal and others High and Bordered potential African countries such as Gambia and Mauritania, based on opportunities.

Our Passion

Creating sustainable and strong relationships in a positive working environment


Words from President

In Youssou’s words: “Senegal’s local content laws are one of the greatest advancement the country’s industry has seen in the past five years. We have the networks, we  have the expertise, but we still need to develop local resources to compete with the large foreign companies. The goal of local content frameworks is not to force the oil and gas majors, or IOCs, but rather to make them aware that when they come here to Senegal, they can find local companies, complying with the international standards requirements, to work alongside with the local permits, reliable vessels, expertise and innovation to make things easier for them. And so far, our new laws are succeeding. It was time for the winds of change to blow and push forward Senegalese companies and expertise, and that is what we’ve seen.”

“Senegalese oil and gas is a young sector but the attractiveness of the country for business is evident. We have a strong, stable political scene and have never experienced war. After all this is the Land of Teranga, the Land of Hospitality.” The company’s name also derives from a local word: “Gainde” meaning “lion,” inspired by an Ernest Hemingway quote which captures the spirit of Gainde Marine Offshore:
“The old man never dreamed of a storm again, nor of great events, nor of fights, nor of tests of strength. He dreamed only of landscapes and lions by the sea.” On a continent fraught with challenges for business and in an industry prone to a certain volatility, this peace of mind from a top quality, reliable, full integrated marine services experience is what Gainde Marine offers – a no fret solution for fresh and established players in the country’s emerging mega-industry.